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Welcome to the visual wiki! This site presents the GIS&T Body of Knowledge (BoK) as a network of related concepts. You can also use this site to help the community produce the 2nd Edition of the BoK by proposing changes to the first edition. Be aware that this is currently a prototype, and proposals may not be retained for the official revision process (we will try to transfer as much as we can). However, you are welcome to try out the features of this service, and send your comments and suggestions to Brandon Plewe.

In this site, every subject is called a concept (including the knowledge areas, units, and topics in the 2006 edition), and are not limited to three hierarchical levels. You can get as detailed or as general as needed. To aid navigation, the concepts are colored according to the color scheme used on the cover of the first edition of the GISTBoK.The learning objectives of the 2006 edition are called skills here, because they are practical abilities that demonstrate competence in a concept. Each concept has basic properties or attributes, such as its name and description.

In addition to the hierarchical relationships in the first edition (shown here as ), we can also represent that two concepts are similar (), or that one concept depends on another (a prerequisite: ).

To contribute, you will need to register (for free) as a new user. In this site, you are not actually editing the text of the Body of Knowledge, as in a traditional wiki, but are making proposals to alter it. In fact, the entire 1st edition is treated here as a set of proposals for the 2nd Edition. You can propose new concepts, new relationships, or new properties for existing concepts. Then the community can give feedback on those proposals in the form of ratings and comments, enabling an online discussion of each proposal. Should you change your mind on a proposal you have made, you don't edit your existing proposal (which would invalidate all the feedback thereon); just make a new proposal (and if you wish, retract the old proposal).

Here are similar visualizations (read only) of the 2006 GIS&T BoK and the ACM Computing Classification System. We hope to soon be able to make relationships with this and other standard bodies of knowledge for allied domains.