My Courses

Over the years, I have taught a variety of courses in geography, GIS, and cartography, but lately my typical schedule is:

    • Geog 212: Introduction to GIS (Fall or Winter Semester), a broad introduction to geographic information systems, including data acquisition, geographic visualization, and analysis.
    • Geog 311: Intermediate GIS (Winter), building students’ competence in using GIS to complete a realistic project, including data collection, management, analysis, and even geodesign.
    • Geog 312: Cartographic Design (Fall), giving students experience in making a variety of maps by learning the best design techniques using GIS software.
    • Geog 412: Problem-solving with GIS (Fall), an advanced course that uses the analytic power of GIS to perform real-world geographic tasks in scientific research and resource management.
    • Geog 521R: GIS Practicum (Winter), an advanced course that brings together the skills that students have learned throughout their major, and introduces new advanced skills, to accomplish a major project. In recent years, this project has been a web mapping application.

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