My Research

For many years, I have been intrigued with history. Not because I’m good at history, but because I have a hard time understanding it. History is complicated, and I have found that maps and GIS can be valuable tools in making it easier to see the flow of time. However, the complexity of historical geographic information has required me to research several methodological areas, such as spatiotemporal dynamics, uncertainty, web mapping, and public participation GIS.

Here is what I’m working on these days:

  • MormonPlaces: A website spinning off of Mapping Mormonism to let people view detailed information on thousands of places significant to LDS history (including settlements, congregations, cemeteries, buildings, and events), and collaboratively add to the community’s knowledge of them.
  • Mapping Mormonism: After 5 years of enjoyable work, we released this atlas of Latter-day Saint history in October 2012. It went on to win the Best Atlas of the Year from CaGIS and the Book of the Year from the Mormon History Association.
  • The Geographic Information of Masses: A theoretical project attempting to resolve the field-object debate once and for all.


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